Write A Haiku

rockets, blue badges
will Elon's ego shrink down
as his net worth does?
April 23, 2023
i am reading now
my mom said to clean my room
i only say meh
April 21, 2023
this is a haiku
i think it goes on the site
did you see this now?
March 1, 2023
may is here again
weather cool soon warming up
spring is in full swing
May 2, 2022
fear of the other
stems from issues with mother
she taught you to hate
January 5, 2022
delusional minds
grasping at lies to ease fears
destroying us all
January 5, 2022
despise freedom but claim it
january 6
January 5, 2022
twenty years gone by
since the terrorists took flight
changing all our lives
September 11, 2021
herman cain award
given to misguided souls
eating the horse paste
September 11, 2021
september returns
children in masks and classrooms
what comes next for us
September 7, 2021
easy to find love
difficult to make it work
i could use a hug
August 31, 2021
school is annoying
and it makes me get headaches
i want to go home
August 31, 2021
cool air fills my lungs
the creaking branches above
knowing winters end
August 29, 2021
rain pitter patters
so very quiet and sad
so warm and calming
August 18, 2021
hang on and be brave
for those who need to hear this 
having a rough day
May 11, 2021
bright light in the sky
a loud pop makes the dogs bark
so many colors
May 11, 2021
sad to see children
carrying arms and weapons
with blood on their hands
May 3, 2021
go away and don't come back
covid19 sucks
July 10, 2020
2020 sucks
here's to hoping that next year
2021 shines
July 8, 2020
the eclipse is nigh
tomorrow the moon conceals
shadow over us
August 20, 2017
school is 10 months long
each day we learn something new
school can help us grow
August 9, 2017
please don't die today
when the sun rises you'll find
you have made it through
August 2, 2017
i just want to say
if you'd please let me finish
stop cutting me off!
July 14, 2017
crickets chirp galore
enthusiasts by nature
hot weather ahead
June 26, 2017
saka saka's good
warm and she smells very good
i want to have more
June 21, 2017
word play is learning
all writing working speaking
clapping hands for us
June 20, 2017
what is a haiku
nothing but words, poetic?
this is a haiku
June 12, 2017
monday, a time for...
monday is a day to do...
i don't like mondays
June 12, 2017
business is hard
how can i make some money
doing what i love
June 10, 2017
for all the pizzas
the world has enjoyed so far
the last is not yet
June 7, 2017
under a big stone,
i am hiding forever
timeless fear and hope
June 7, 2017
this is a bad post
you should never post again
o p needs to stop
June 7, 2017
a stunning singer
a person who has no friends
a five foot four beast
June 5, 2017
an unstable lunatic
a raging, feral, creature
me in a nutshell
June 5, 2017
the thing that you like
proudly stuck on your bumper
i hate it, and you too
June 1, 2017
boy seems weird responds
without punctuation it
someone please help him
May 12, 2017
calm rain sad quiet
slowly dripping tears locked up
inside gloomy sad
May 10, 2017
a new pull request
another contribution
travis causes tears
May 9, 2017
beautiful flowers
take care of them and they grow
neglect them, they die
May 4, 2017
happy birthday, son!
although you're now a man you'll
always be my boy.
Apr 17, 2017
more than a husband
a baby daddy a friend
you complete my day.
Apr 17, 2017
religion class rocks
we learn about our faith here
pray daily, learn more
Apr 13, 2017
so heartbreaking.
alas, no more choice exists!
i go cry sadly now.
Apr 6, 2017
pineapples are good
apples are very yummy
pen is good i guess
Mar 31, 2017
maverick is ugh
he loves to torture his friends
he needs a new life
Mar 30, 2017
pikachu is cool
he is the coolest of all
i love pikachu
Mar 16, 2017
natural leader
passionate educator
beautiful and wise
Mar 16, 2017
five syllables here
seven more syllables here
five syllables here
Mar 16, 2017
random words make poor
haiku when together they
are forced by teachers
Mar 14, 2017
jamie has a test
she studied and didn't rest
she will do the best
Feb 13, 2017
guac trumps donald's wall.
chipotle oh how i love,
salsa and tacos.
Feb 7, 2017
because cards are dumb
i got you some strawberries
they might be poison.
Feb 6, 2017
superbowl l i
patriots came back too strong
the falcons folded
Feb 6, 2017
saltwater, stoic
deadly, attacking waves leap
eyes wide, gunships crash
January 25, 2017
frozen lanterns are
good in dark, on street where no
dog no longer bark.
January 23, 2017
while we pray in warmth
a man freezes on the streets
without an address
January 22, 2017